Where Style Meets Purpose...

Established in 2015, Mirabella stands as a design hub nestled in the heart of Chesterfield, United Kingdom, dedicated to blending style seamlessly into the workplace with a touch of conscientious craftsmanship.

As a small business with a moral compass, we take pride in infusing our work with care, ensuring that each piece of attire carries not only the essence of fashion but also a commitment to ethical values.

Derived from the Latin word "mirabilis," signifying "wonderful," Mirabella encapsulates a sense of marvel in every design. In the French language, it gracefully translates to "of incredible beauty."

Our extensive range of work uniforms echoes this marvel, offering purposeful attire for healthcare professionals, beauticians, those in the catering industry, and others in need of refined and functional workwear. At Mirabella, we believe in dressing the workforce with elegance, ensuring that each uniform reflects the extraordinary nature of the individuals who wear them.

Our commitment to durability is evident in the meticulous design of our work uniforms, geared to withstand the test of time. This is achieved through the incorporation of reinforced buttons, sturdy seams, and high-performance fabrics, with sizing variations from UK 6-40 and XS-4XL.

Durability & Comfort

Each fabric in our collection is meticulously chosen for its stain and crease-resistant properties, ensuring that our uniforms not only endure daily wear but also maintain a polished appearance with minimal effort. The fabrics are not only easy-care but also boast a soft and comfortable feel against the skin.

For our beauticians, we go a step further by incorporating bi-stretch fabrics, allowing for unparalleled ease of movement. At Mirabella, we believe in creating work uniforms that not only endure the rigors of the workplace but also provide comfort and flexibility for those who wear them.

Our Ethos

Guided by our unwavering ethos, we exclusively produce our garments in factories that uphold exceptional working conditions, subject to thorough audits. Demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility, we allocate a percentage of our annual profits after tax—up to 1%—toward supporting our chosen charity, Friends of Tribals Society. This deliberate approach aligns with our dedication to ethical manufacturing and contributing to meaningful causes within our global community.