Elsie Williamson

Introducing Elsie, the fashionista with a love of One Direction and a cup of tea. Elsie Williamson
  1. If you could have any fictional character as your co-worker, who would it be and why? Barbie as she will not only bring fabulous outfits but also empower everyone in the office 👑

  2. What radio station do you switch to when it's your turn to control the office playlist? Radio 2

  3. Are you a tea or a coffee person? Yorkshire Tea or Peppermint!

  4. If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be? Steal My Girl by One Direction. Anything One Direction, not too fussed 🤣

  5. If you could switch jobs with any cartoon character, who would it be? Tsukimi Kurashita, an illustrator in Princess Jellyfish, designs dresses and works with seamstresses to bring her creations to the catwalk. 

  6. What's your favourite way to relax after work? Watching an episode of an anime followed by a Friends episode with a can of Pepsi Max. 

  7. What's your favourite way to start the day: with a cup of coffee or a big breakfast? Latte ☕ with a bowl of berry granola 🥣

  8. What's the most interesting place you've ever visited? Dalyan🇹🇷

  9. If you could have any superpower for a day, but only use it to cause mischief, what would it be? Invisibility

  10. Tomato ketchup or brown sauce? Tomato Ketchup